The day of my diagnosis

Amy had gotten up and taken the girls to school. I woke up a bit later and just had started moving around. I wanted to do a bit of cleaning in the garage and move a little bit (foam roll, stretch, etc). I was listening to music when the phone rang. I recognized the number… Continue reading The day of my diagnosis

Where it all started (3)

It was either the first night or the second night when I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom that the unexpected happened. I sneezed. For those unfamiliar with rhino rockets, the act of sneezing is both painful and terrifying. I’m a loud and obnoxious sneezer. It’s forceful and the… Continue reading Where it all started (3)

Where it all started (2)

Take a gander at the beauty above. When they can’t stop the bleeding through normal and conventional means, they resort to this. The old Covid test is nothing compared to one of these bad boys. After having a couple of these placed in my nostrils in the past couple of years can give me some… Continue reading Where it all started (2)

Where it all started

My life prior to leukemia was fairly non-descript. I grew up in a stable home, went to high school, and then college. Decided I didn’t want to use my degree but rather be a personal trainer and own a gym. Covid royally fucked all that up. When they shut down everything, gyms were on that… Continue reading Where it all started

Getting Started

Recently I decided to change the context of the website/blog that was LCS. With covid and my diagnosis, my priorities have shifted a bit. Well, in trying to do that, I royally fucked my site. So, here we are again starting over. I figure I work and build on this while I’m in the hospital.… Continue reading Getting Started