Just out of reach

August 6, 2021 0 Comments

Just like that, just out of reach. Here we were actually thinking that maybe, just maybe, we could get an admission date sooner than the 11th. We were slightly worried that we wouldn’t be ready for admission to the hospital.

The results from my bone marrrow biopsy came back and however unfortunate, my blasts were too high. 8% and they needed to be 5% or less. So, this means that I’m going to do another round of Vyxeous. Last round was 3 days (M, W, and F).

Funny interlude here. We were on our way home. They had told us they didn’t have the chemo in stock or wouldn’t be able to get it ready today (Friday), so we were told to go home and a Saturday appointment would be made and I’d come back then. On our way home, they called and said they did have the chemo, an open chair, and were ready to take me if I wanted to come back. I jumped at the chance. As proliferative as they’ve made my particular case out to be, I didn’t want to waste any more time. Last time we were here, we had waited a few too many days and my numbers had skyrocketed. Rather than have that happen again, I’d rather get this party started than risk things getting out of hand. So we whipped it across 3 lanes of traffic, pulled a U-turn, and headed back. Ok, maybe the U-turn is an exaggeration but we did turn around and go back.

This time we’re only going to do a reinduction of 2 days of chemo (Friday and Sunday). We were told that I should be able to manage this one out patient but if I have a fever as my numbers drop that I’ll have to be admitted.

Getting my drip of purple goo to get the weekend started.

In 20 some odd days, we’ll do another bone marrow biopsy to see what my blasts are and how we’ll proceed from there. Hopefully this bit of chemo will have knocked it down enough that we’ll be able to proceed.

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