9/22 Admission Day

September 29, 2021 0 Comments

I woke up like I had every day this morning, just trying Amy get the girls off to school with as little trouble as possible. They were coming home at noon to see me off and so that Amy could take me to the hospital make sure I had everything needed.

Like the day before, it was just a lot of checking my bags. Having been in the hospital in and out for the past 6 months, I knew what I needed and what I didn’t need.

We were just waiting for the hospital to call to let me know a bed was ready and I could be admitted. It was around 2:30pm when they called.

I was kind of lazy about getting to the hospital. The girls were having nice time playing outside, they were laughing and giggling and it was hard to get away.

Eventually though, Amy helped me pack my stuff up into the van and we headed down town. Getting checked in was easy and by 4:30pm I was unpacking in my own.

While I had been waiting on this day for a long time, it still was a sad getting admitted and leaving my family. It’s better than the alternative so here we are.

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