9/27 (Day -4)

September 29, 2021 0 Comments

My weight was down to 191. It was 194 when I was admitted but it could be due to lack of fluids. The chemo is starting to take its toll and my appetitite is slowly dropping. I’m still eating but it’s a chore.

This was the last day of the busulfan. Tomorrow I start the cytoxan, which I understand is just as bad. I’ll have it post transplant as well.

Blood pressure started creeping up today but we’re just monitoring it as it’s not crazy yet. Just something that has creeped up since I’ve been here. I’d wager on just lack of sleep and anxiety about everything. It’s tough. I would have relished days to myself soemtimes but this is far from it.

12am vitals

4am vitals and labs

6am blood products if necessary

8am busulfan and vitals

9am breakfast

10am antifungal

12pm vitals

1pm lunch

2pm maybe i get a nap

4pm vitals

7pm nurse change and night meds

8pm vitals

10pm I get in bed

12am vitals

It’s non-stop. There’s a few blocks from time to time that I get by myself but not often. It’s a steady process to check and make sure I’m doing okay.

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