Almost there

September 29, 2021 0 Comments

After the results came back from my bone marrow biopsy, the doctors were ready to get me admitted. Just had to jump through a few more hoops.

September 20, 20121

I had 4 appt. across 3 different buildings. It was quite the morning. First at 7am was my pulmonary function test. One of the chemos can affect my lungs so they wanted to have those tested to make sure there weren’t any problems to begin with.

Next, I was scheduled for a CT scan without contrast of my chest. That was at 8am. Another preventative type test based on the chemo I’d be receiving.

9am was my echo cardiogram of my heart. Again, testing the ol’ ticker because some of the chemo can have an adverse effect on the heart.

From there I went back to Hollings to get labs drawn and see the pharmacist. The meeting was to go over all the meds I’d be taking and if any meds I was already on needed to be discontinued in prep for the transplant.

4 appointments in 4 hours. I felt like I’d be run through the ringer by noon. It was good though. Everybody was on time and everything ran smoothly. One more thing to check off before getting admitted.

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