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Home at last

I was released finally on October 20th. Around the 18th they had hinted at letting me out since my ANC was coming up so well. The minimum threshold to get out was an ANC of .500. I actually hit it on the 19th but they had already decided on the 20th.

Massive amounts of meds

I picked up my meds from the pharmacy on the 19th and it was a massive bag of crap. Lots of different meds for lots of different reasons. As time progresses and my numbers continue to increase, this med list will change. They’ll add different meds (already added magnesium) and start to take meds off (Cipro coming off on the 31st). For someone that has never had to take meds before, although I was pretty consistent with taking supplements (vitamins, multi, creatine, etc), this is a whole other ball game with taking things that I have to have in order to survive and not get sick.

Even after being home, it’s still a roller coaster. I have good days and bad days. Even on good days I’ll have bad moments. I’m tired. A lot. I try to exercise but even a ten minute walk can kick my ass. I never imagined that my cardio, conditioning, and strength would drop as quickly as it has. But right now, that’s the least of my concerns. I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to get as much rest as possible. My body is still continuing to build new cells and hopefully accept my new immune system. Only time will tell how well things have gone and are going to be.

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