January 24, 2022 0 Comments

Today I was going into the clinic to have my EVUSHELD covid shot. Being still relatively immuno-compromised any extra layer of protection can help. EVUSHELD is a relatively new drug and is only been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) because currently it is not FDA approved. I figured with all the hell I’ve been through, this wouldn’t be anything new if it did turn out to be something that after further testing was not approved.

Anyway, that wasn’t the reason for my anxiety, or rather it wasn’t the only reason. I’ve noticed several times in the past two weeks that leaving the house has created a sense of anxiety for me. Being heavily quarantined for the past nine months might have had some impact on my psyche. There’s just a general sense of unease when getting ready to head out of the house and especially when doing it by myself, has I have twice, since I was “released” to at least drive myself.

This carried over to my appointment this morning and I noticed that my blood pressure and heart rate were still elevated for about three hours after leaving the house and only started to come back down upon returning home. Having been repeatedly being told how “dangerous” the outside world was to me and avoiding most, if not all, physical contact with the outside world. I imagine it’ll take some time to get over my new found fear. Just another bump in the list of things on my road to recovery.

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