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January 25, 2022 0 Comments

I’m one hundred sixteen days post transplant. While I was in the hospital I attempted a few band workouts and some such but I was pretty much just reduced to walking. It was about as much as I could do. Upon getting home, I started to get back into my home gym and move a bit more but I regulated myself to primarily bodyweight exercises or very light weight resistance movements. As time progressed and I got to feeling better, I graduated to more aggressive training and have started to push myself a bit. Most of the big movements like squats and deadlifts are still done with some hesitancy but I’ve been pushing the accessory lifts. I’ve been tracking my training but have been putting more emphasis on hitting PRs (personal records). I will generally leave a little in the tank so I’ve not quite maxed anything out yet but it’s starting to get close on a few exercises.

My current training is as follows:

Day 1 – Deadlifts
A1: trap bar deadlifts (high handles)
B1: Landmine rotations
A2: trap bar RDLs
B2: standing calf raises

Day 2 – chest
A1: cable presses
B1: push ups
A2: floor press
B2: cable pressdowns

Day 3 – squat
A1: high bar squats
B2: oblique bends
A2: reverse band squat (micro bands)
B2: single leg calf raises

Day 4 – Back
A1: bentover rows
B2: pull ups (assisted with mini band)
A2: pulldowns
B2: landmine rows

Day 5 – Shoulders
A1: landmine OH press
B1: face pulls
A2: cable side raises
B2: cable front raises
C2: single arm cable OH press

Day 6 – legs
A1: walking lunges (reverse lunges if the weather is bad)
B1: starfish planks
A2: rear foot elevated split squats
B2: hanging knee raises

It looks like a lot but it’s only 4 (sometime 5) exercises per day. I go by feel if I need a day between training sessions. Sometimes I’m good and can train 3 to 4 days in a row and other times I need 2 or 3 days between every training session. I’ve still not figured out my body post transplant yet. My stomach and nausea tends to be the biggest obstacle. I find that simple meals can still upset my stomach. There’s the idea that it might be more graft vs host disease than simple nausea but we’re not to the point yet of sticking a scope up in there to find out (but talk of that has come up).

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