Will 2.1

September 3, 2022 0 Comments

A while back I had the idea (forced on me) that in order to move on I had to think about the person I was as being dead. I could no longer be Person A. That person was in the past but was not who I was any more. I’m currently Person B and striving to become Person C which might become a rival to Person A but that was unlikely.

After thinking about it though I realize that’s not exactly true. I’d like to think of it more as a software upgrade. In Will 1.0, we found that I had some major software bugs that needed to be removed. There were some major security holes and hackers had invaded the system. In order to clear out those bugs and eliminate the viruses that were plaguing my database we had to do a major overhaul of the operating system. In doing so there were some features that needed to be revamped or completely purged all together. Essentially we were still using most of the underlying code but there were lots of it that had to be completely re-written.

It was in this rewriting of the code that I ended up losing some of my physical capabilities. My strength dropped off, my endurance was reduced to ground floor, and what had before been my ability to quickly adapt was slowed down to that of a normal person. We’re still tinkering with the code to get those user friendly applications back but it will take some time to assimilate them into the new code. Until then there will be small but frequent updates that will allow me to continue to adapt.

I’m not a new person. I’m still the same old Will but with an upgrade to fix some of the bugs.

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